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Stores well. Potatoes should not be produced on a plot that has had potatoes on it in the previous two years. Also look out for NVS Amour, a very fine skinned potato with pink patches around the eyes. 'Annabelle' Dig For Victory; Monthly Guides & Commentary. domain = ""; Will also grow in most soil types. 'Charlotte) can be grown as late season potatoes. 'Duke of York' a waxy, salad potato particularly when first harvested, if left they are a good general purpose potato. 'Sarpo Mira' a floury potato which stores well and has good blight resistance, a good variety to grow for the first time potato grower. Good for chipping and roasting. by email twice a month, Grow Your Own – Allotment – Gardening Help. website = "UKGardening"; There are two other exhibition whites that are worth considering and they are Nadine and Harmony. Harvest second earlies from the end of June to the start of August. Potatoes are a wonderfully easy crop to grow but they do require plenty of room in the garden. Grow them at home and you can choose varieties that have the finest flavour and texture – and you get them cheaply and for little work. 'Charlotte' - one of 3 varieties I grew in a potato bag in 2011. Whichever varieties you choose always buy the best seed potatoes available. Best potatoes for baking A BBC Gardeners' World Magazine trial tested 10 varieties to find the best jacket potato – find out how they ranked for yield and taste. Newcomers to the show scene and making a name for themselves are Blue Belle & Bonnie. The tubers vary in size, colour, texture and taste and can be grown from spring to autumn. // -->. There is a world of difference between growing for the table, rather than growing to win at show level. If you want a good all red variety then go for Maxine. I actually beat the British champion on a couple of occasions growing that one, unfortunately it was discontinued for a time but has now been reintroduced due to popular demand by JBA potatoes. I am afraid that the knobbly looking Pink Fir Apple may taste delicious but it will not cut the mustard with the judges on the show bench. Salad potatoes are more waxy than maincrop, perfect for containers, plant in January, grow in rich, free draining compost, make sure they have plenty of water. [1] Unfortunately it’s looks are not backed up by it’s taste. 'Wilja' good yield, general purpose potato with white skin and floury flesh. Welcome to the Potato House Shop, the Home of quality Seed Potatoes We have almost 90 varieties of seed potatoes to cater for the needs of the discerning gardener and allotmenteer! On the face of it potatoes are not a hard crop to grow. 'Maris Bard' - a very early salad/new potato with good yield and disease resistance. Grow your own Best Buy potatoes for roasting Reviews based on facts Our rigorous tests find the facts, and our impartial reviews tell you the truth about how products perform. userfirst = "nick.gray"; From the maincrop varieties, Arran Victory, King Edward If space is at a premium, plant first early varieties, which will free up the veg patch sooner or plant in containers on the patio or unused pathways. Good blight and eelworm resistance. Growing predominantly earlies gives you Potatoes are an easy crop to grow - here's how to get the best from your crop from what varieties to choose and how to plant them Space the seed … This is part 2 of a 3 part series of articles, growing potatoes for show - cultivation of show potatoes,  on growing prize winning potatoes for the show bench by John Trim, Fellow of the National Vegetable Society, show judge and horticultural lecturer. Maincrop with some blight resistance. JBA Seed Potatoes are Scotlands best known brand of horticultural seed potatoes and are the only seed potato producers to ever win a Gold medal award for their potato varieties at Gardening Scotland. Preparation for growing exhibition potatoes begins when selecting suitable varieties for show. We select the best varieties - so you don't have to. Grow When growth emerges, start the process of 'earthing up'. Which potato to grow Freshly harvested, home-grown potatoes are one of life's little pleasures. Find out which bag is our top pick and why we chose it instead of the others. Kidney-shaped with a good flavour and decent crop size. 'Rockstar' - a new variety to Marshalls in 2014. On early potatoes, rub off the weakest shoots, leaving four per tuber. Vivaldi is reputed to have a smoother texture for mash compared to most varieties. Today, the potato is the world’s fourth most grown crop, trailing only rice, wheat and corn. Good for boiling and steamed, one of the best salad potatoes. Potatoes are divided into three groups. 'Sharpe's Express' a good flavour, but not a large crop off of each plant and has poor pest and disease resistance. Apparently this variety was Percy Thrower's favorite potato. In 1872 Luther Burbank developed a new hybrid potato with disease resistance to the blight that was affecting the world, in particular the Irish potato crop. This is a fantastic way to grow potatoes using minimal effort whilst both building soil and creating an abundance of tubers. '); The mulches you choose for these plants can be used to influence this factor, and help to prevent problems such as root knot in brassicas and scab in potatoes. Plant in July or early August for a mid-Winter crop. 'Rocket' a good disease resistance and produces a large crop or round white skinned potatoes. Harvest from late August/early Sept. 'Blue Danube' also known as 'Adam Blue', purple skinned potato with white flesh. First early varieties are less likely to be damaged by pests. BEAUREGARD SWEET POTATO VARIETY The most commonly grown variety in the UK and it performs well as an all-rounder. Best new potatoes to grow Discover the best new, or early potatoes – grown and taste-tested by us. Main crop take longer to mature, are much bigger plants but have the advantage of storing very well. On the plus side this one tastes good as well. 'King Edward' - a late maincrop variety with good resistance to slug damage. Growing Potatoes for Show, Introduction & Best Varieties, Growing Potatoes for Show, Cultivation of Show Potatoes, Growing Potatoes for Show Harvest & Showing Potatoes. First early potatoes can be baked and roasted, but the most popular way of cooking them is to boil and dress in butter and rosemary. Regular potatoes from a grocery store are often treated with pesticides which can spread disease through your whole crop, so either order your seeding potatoes from a catalog or hit the garden store. Some potatoes (i.e. A good salad potato ideal for boiling and steaming. The best way to grow potatoes is from potatoes, but not just any potato will do: they have to be specially-grown seed potatoes from a garden supply store. BEST POTATOES FOR MASH Kestrel and Wilja make excellent second earlies for mash. Grow your own potatoes - buy quality seed potatoes online from A consistent show winner with a skin colour that is pure white and in the past 10 years there has been no other white potato to touch it. A good cropper, even in poorer soils. What are First Early By BBC Gardeners' World Magazine Monday, 2 December, 2019 at 3:26 pm Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on . Information on this site may not be copied, republished or rewritten in any medium, including electronic and print formats. Harvest maincrop potatoes in August, when the foliage starts to die back, but leave them on the surface of the soil for a couple of days for the sun to dry the skin, this helps them last longer in storage. Anyone with an allotment or kitchen garden can turn out a decent spud. 'Salad Blue' an unusual maincrop potato with dark purple/blue skin with violet flesh. Salad potatoes are more waxy than maincrop, perfect for containers, plant in January, grow in rich, free draining compost, make sure they have plenty of water. 'Accent' AGM - A good cropper of small salad/new potatoes, pale yellow flesh, remaining firm after boiling. (late maincrop). These varieties must have shallow eyes and fine skin condition. Maincrop potatoes are probably the most recognisable varieties and they store well. The 4 types are; first earlies, second earlies, maincrop and late-season. Long narrow tubers with pink skin and yellow flesh. There are 4 main types of potatoes available to grow. A firm, creamy potato with white skin and pale yellow flesh. They are named according to when is best to plant them and harvest them. One of 3 varieties I grew in. At the present time the top potato in the white class is Winston. Types Of Potatoes For Growing In Containers There are three types of potatoes: earlies, second earlies and main crop. Potatoes Potatoes are a versatile vegetable that is eaten all year round. Stores well. 'Maris Piper' a very well known variety. Great for roasting and baking, traditionally used for Christmas dinner. Harvest from May.