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South Pacific Explore stunning French Polynesia, the original island paradise, where romance and fantasy become reality. Island guests are encouraged to discover their unique shops, often filled with beautiful, well-crafted wood and bone carvings. Coronavirus (COVID-19): Yacht Charter Travel Advice. The South Pacific is surely one of the last treasures of this world. Check out our South Pacific Portfolio and see for yourself@ Receive our latest offers, trends and stories direct to your inbox. Read a customer review of their crewed experience in Tahiti. … The yacht will be basing down in the South Pacific for the next 3 years and will look to undertake a mixture of private and charters around the islands. From volcano-dominated wildernesses to wave-lapped shores to small humps of sand barely peaking above the waterline, there is so … 1 Visit the … We likely have it online and if not, email or call us for details.Search for it online by name here: InternationalYachtCharterGroup Inc. does not guarantee the accuracy of any information or images displayed. More recently, their culture has been going through a renaissance. Trinity Yachts, from $220,000 p/week♦︎, 63m Coral reef in New Caledonia. Rainforest hikes, underwater safaris and spectacular landscapes. Facebook Twitter Google+ YouTube Rss Linkedin Pinterest Skype. With 300 islands dotted around Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, the two major islands, you are spoiled for choice on a yacht charter in Fiji. There are certainly interesting attractions along the 2,500km length of the Reef. Available yacht charter boats in South Pacific Ocean within the next six months: November (114 boats) December (112 boats) January (122 boats) While the yacht will consider candidates worldwide, preference will be given to those in the South Pacific region, Oz/ Nz. Remember the South Pacific is of course below the equator so the … The islands of the South Pacific have a certain charm about them that stays with you long after you have left. Volcanic black sands, world-class diving sites and a thrumming night life await a yacht charter in French Polynesia, the only South Pacific destination offering unrestricted cruising without quarantine. p/week, 85m Click here for more information. On the bigger islands, indulge in … You need to see it for yourself. p/week, 62m Welcome to Nicholson Yacht Charters Undoubtedly, yacht charters provide an unforgettable experience; being on a yacht is an exclusive and luxurious experience unlike any other. You will collaborate with the charter captain to ensure that you see all of your points of interest along the way. Find Your Yacht; Testimonials; Top Bar. SilverYachts, from $1,162,000 You could have a one week charter here, but we recommend two weeks to be able to really experience everything. Take in exciting blue water sailing or easy coastal cruising in the sunny Whitsundays*, remote French Polynesia and welcoming Tonga* in your own private yacht on a bareboat or skipper charter holiday. Finding the perfect private yacht for your getaway can be overwhelming. On your private charter the ports of call are yours to choose – Tahiti, Bora Bora, or farther afield, the untouched Marquesas. This spectacular French Polynesia yacht charter area is made up of French Polynesia, Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Solomons, Cook Islands, Samoa, Wells Fortuna, and Kirabati, amongst other island groups, dotted across the South Pacific Ocean between vast expanses of ocean. French Polynesia. Take in exciting blue water sailing or easy coastal cruising in the sunny Whitsundays*, remote French Polynesia and welcoming Tonga* in your own private yacht on a bareboat or skipper charter vacation. p/week, 77m Julie P. Nicholson & Sylvia Weston They continue to live a traditional lifestyle which places kinship and kindness above the so-called civilized values of material possessions and wealth. p/week*, 72m American Yacht Charter Company. Get up close to South Pacific archaeological history on the Marquesas Islands where tikis (sacred statues) abound. Delta Marine, from $250,000 p/week♦︎, 92m Learn More Yacht charter in French Polynesia. This gem is the main island of French Polynesia lying directly in the middle of the Pacific Ocean between California and Australia. Everything is better in living color! Hiking is not the focus here…Your Yacht charter will be all about fishing and SCUBA diving. The South Pacific offers superb conditions for sailing yachts, but power yachts are available here as well. Hitzler Werft, from $161,000 A wide range of land based activities are available; from hiking through ancient Polynesian ruins, to visiting waterfalls up to 1,000 feet high on the main island of Nuku Hiva. The islands of New Caledonia have been governed by France for the last 150 years and are located 2,900 miles from Tahiti and 800 miles from Brisbane, Australia. Boasting a vibrant culture, delicious food, and over 7,500 idyllic and intriguing islands. Both are subject to change and may not be current. You can hike without being surrounded by throngs of tourists, catch fish without being disturbed by passing party cruisers, or dive without running into another human being. Holland Jachtbouw, from $220,000 South Pacific Yacht Charters, Private, Corporate, Luxury, Sailing, Boat in Fiji, Tonga The Vava’u group of islands in the ancient Kingdom of Tonga has some of the most beautiful islands in the world, where the water is clear and clean, the sailing conditions just right, and the anchorages and places to cruise outstanding. The most popular site, with some 50 ships and aircraft, is Iron Bottom Sound off Honiara. Further south, on the island of Ua Pou, lie the most striking geological formations on the planet; undoubtedly the guests will be amazed. Big ocean sailing, deep dives, gentle snorkeling in kaleidoscopic reefs make the experience unforgettable. This is life in the South Pacific! Your fantasy becomes reality with the help of our experienced staff who will guide you towards the perfect yacht, perfect itinerary, and perfect vacation. What is the best part of chartering in the South Pacific? Savings of $21,450.00 as all week-long private charters will receive an additional 3 days for free if booked by January 15, 2021. Sail the South Pacific in the company of an expert skipper or independently on a bareboat charter vacation. Every bit as picture perfect as the films and photographs that show off this South Pacific paradise, you can divide your time between exploring the world’s most beautiful reefs, visiting the friendly village outposts and hiking … A good yacht charter broker will be able to create a bespoke yacht vacation charter ideas for you and your party, based on your own requirements … Tahiti and French Polynesia cover an area the size of Europe so there's no shortage of territory to explore. Our experience is available to you 7 days a week at no cost or obligation to you. Olympic Yacht Services, from $2,450,000 The Reef is the world's largest coral reef comprised of thousands of separate reef systems, coral cays, and hundreds of tropical islands. Charter yachts in Tahiti, Bora Bora, and more. Vuyk, from $521,000 Search for Yachts, Destinations, Events, News... everything related to Luxury Yachts for Charter. Private jets can land on the islands of Rangiroa and Fakarava. From Brisbane, up the Queensland coast, and on to New Guinea, you'll see a range of wildlife. p/week, 55m Our specialists are expert in matching every clients unique thoughts and wishes to the ideal crewed private yacht, and have access to all the crewed yachts that amy be available in different parts of the South Pacific in any year. In addition to the exotic yacht charter locale, the Marquesas Islands boast friendly and warm-hearted local people. This is a first selection of the yachts available for charter in the South Pacific. Oceanco, from $1,100,000 Welcome to International Yacht Charter Group, a proven resource in luxury fully crewed private yacht charters. Choose a … 800-662-6066 617-661-0555 . There is fantastic SCUBA diving and fishing, but this should be considered for a yacht charter onlyfor the truly adventurous. Take in exciting blue water sailing or easy coastal cruising in the sunny Whitsundays*, remote French Polynesia and welcoming Tonga* in your own private yacht on a bareboat or skipper charter holiday. Search: Site Search. Tahiti and French Polynesia embody the spirit of the South Pacific with their hip shaking fast dances, earth-oven feasts, and terrifically bright, varied landscapes. Luxury 5 star sailing and exploring holidays through Vanuatu. Take a tender ashore and hike up a mountain for captivating views, visit a vanilla plantation or pearl farm, or experience a traditional barbecue with fire dancers. 107m Get to know all of the Reef's charms! Perhaps it's the awe-inspiring expanse of water. Get in touch for more information. A vacation on a charter yacht in New Caledonia would begin in the capital town of Noumea on Grande Terre. Privacy Policy Site map. Thinking of a longer vacation to really explore French Polynesia? Enjoy the friendly locals and the spectacular views. This laid back paradise is made up of two islands, fringed with white sand beaches and a beautiful lagoon, which can be explored by local canoe Our expert team and yacht crew are on hand to help you plan your own unforgettable yacht charter in South Pacific. … Amels, from $275,000 The local Melanesian populations are called the Kanaks and their tribal customs are still alive. Perini Navi, from $206,000 Our charter types. p/week♦︎, 81m The South Pacific is surely one of the last treasures of this world. Yacht Charters in the South Pacific Find out more about the CharterWorld company here or read recent client recommendations. What are all the costs involved in a yacht charter? How to Book a Private Yacht Charter with MGM Yachts. It is also fantastically freeing to abandon the popular path and go where the crowd doesn't follow. Our charter types. p/week*, 54m These islands, which are 250 miles northeast of Tahiti, are a group of large atolls that are full of marine life. We'll be here when you need us- and not just during "office hours". Call or email us to begin a charter conversation with an experienced charter specialist who can walk you through options, we'll answer all your questions about chartering, and be available to you with no obligation or extra cost. Bareboat charter holidays . Go diving in Rangiroa's coral atoll amidst sharks and dolphins. Halfway between California and Australia are the seductive islands of French Polynesia, best known for the main island of Tahiti which can be an ideal stop off point for some rest and relaxation. p/week, 52m Check out the cultural scene on Raivavae, which presents authenticity in the middle of Bora Bora-esque charms. As the yacht charter continues, you likely would cruise your way toward the south end of the island, through the barrier reef to Ile des Pins, with wonderful SCUBA diving and fishing along the way. The Reef is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Find out more about our crewed charter South Pacific all inclusive vacations. A private luxury yacht charter in the magnificent surroundings of the South Pacific combines a cocktail of idyllic islands, exciting cultures and diverse landscapes. If you’re looking to explore the Mediterranean, adventure along the North American Coast, find a piece of paradise in the Caribbean or explore exotic and beautiful destinations in Southeast Asia, the … The seemingly endless string of islands that make up Fiji, the Solomon and Cook Islands, Vanuatu and conga provide a cocktail of cultures, landscapes and cuisines for a diverse and exciting vacation. Below are samples of luxury yacht charter itineraries for private crewed yachts which cover South Pacific. Have general questions about yacht charter in general? Thinking of renting a luxury private yacht charter for your vacation, but don’t know how to get started? Our specialists will answer all of your luxury charter questions. Lying 750 miles northeast of Tahiti, these islands are wonderful for a 7-10 day yacht charter. Seasonal attractions include humpback and minke whale sightings from June to October, mass coral spawning in October and November, and gamefishing around this same time. We offer private yacht charters throughout the South Pacific including Tahiti. Book with a trusted and proven specialist. Fakarava has a north pass and a south pass for diving and some charter yachts can cruise inside the atoll to reach the southern pass, which has fabulous beaches. Picnic on Taputapuatea's restored meeting grounds. For your personalised selection Contact us now. There are some 27 indigenous languages spread out over the pockets of land. Island Chains available for Private Yacht Charters. The 1,000 islands of this nation include a mix of large islands with densely forested mountain interiors and fast-flowing rivers, and tiny, low-lying coral atolls that encircle stunning lagoons. Feadship, from $920,000 A trip to the famed artist, Paul Gauguin's grave on Hiva Oa is also a popular attraction. A private yacht charter in Tahiti is the closest thing to heaven on earth you are likely to find! Fiji is the South Pacific's biggest hub. They will be able to help you plan your dream itinerary, combining your group’s needs with recommendations about the best time to visit these spectacular cruising grounds. The Marquesas Islands. South Pacific Luxury Yacht Charters. Although when you first arrive the gorgeous palm trees lining the crisp turquoise shoreline may fool you into thinking this island is untouched, Tahiti also … The islands of French Polynesia, a string of tropical jewels set in the South Pacific, have an abundance of secluded anchorages and some of the most spectacular diving in the world. Then charter for a month or more to be fully immersed in this part of the world. p/week♦︎, 50m

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