mining royalty rates in madhya pradesh

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(2) Quantities of the various qualifies of the said mineral/minerals sold and exported separately. (a) on first time contravention, a penalty of minimum 30 times of the royalty of illegally extracted/ transported minerals, shall be imposed but it shall not be less than ten thousand rupees. (b) Should the right of pre-emption conferred by this present provision be exercised and a vessel chartered to carry the minerals or products thereof procured on behalf of the State Government or the Central Government be detained on demurrage at the port of loading, the licensee/licensees shall pay the amount due for demurrage according to the terms of the charter party of such vessel unless the State Government shall be satisfied that the delay issue to cause beyond the control of the licensee/licensees. Uttar Pradesh Stone Crusher Mining World Quarry. (c) firm or association the nationality of all the partners of the firm or members of the association. If the application is signed by an authorised agent of the applicant. (a) Marble, which is used for cutting and polishing for 10000/- per annum, it may be paid in two equal instalments. (vii) Period for which quarry lease is required. Establishment of cutting and polishing units. Scale)]District ...................... Name; address and signature ofthe contractor. ], Powers To Grant Quarry Leases And [Trade Quarry]. (d) on third time or subsequent contravention, a penalty of minimum 70 times of the royalty of illegally extracted/transported minerals, shall be imposed but it shall not be less than fifty thousand rupees. (d) At the time of renewal, the State Government may reduce the area applied, for reason to be recorded and to be informed to the applicant or may cancel application. 19-1-2003-12-2, dated 1-9-2005, published in M.P. (xvii) Approximate quantity of mineral expected to be raised year wise during the first three years. If the disposal of application is not made within such a period, then license shall be deemed to be renewed for the period applied for renewal or for two years, whichever is less. Penalty For Un-Authorised Extraction And Transportation. of Punjab for mineral rights under reverse charge mechanism (b) Gives an undertaking that he will not cause any hindrance in the working of the mineral so surrendered by any other person who is subsequently granted a quarry lease for that mineral. खनिज साधन विभाग, मध्यप्रदेश शासन Mineral Resources Department , Govt. 19-75-2000-12-2, dated 21-5-2001, published in M.P. Minerals specified in serial number 5 of Schedule I. (xiii) An affidavit, that the up-to-date income tax returns, as prescribed under the Income Tax Act, 1961 have been filed and tax due including the tax on account of self-assessment has been paid. (vii) Particulars of the minerals which the applicant desired to prospect. They shall be dumped and stacked separately; (v) The mining operations shall be carried out in workmen-like manner and in accordance with the provisions of the State and Central Acts and rules wherever applicable; (vi) The Collector of the district concerned or any officer authorised by the State Government if in his opinion the compliance with the provisions thereof not reasonably practicable, may, by any order in writing and subject to such conditions as he may specify therein, exempt from the operation of these rules for any workings in those cases in which special difficulties exist: (a) Wherever top soil exists and is to be excavated for quarrying operation, it shall be removed separately; (b) The top soil so removed shall be stored for future use; (c) The dumps shall be properly secured to prevent escape of material therefrom and cause land degradation or damage to agricultural fields, pollution of surface water bodies or cause floods; (d) The site of dumps shall be selected as far as possible on impervious and barren ground within the leased area; (e) The top soil dumps shall be suitably terraced and stablised through vegetation or otherwise. (xvii) Financial resources of the applicant. (x) (a) Does the applicant continue to have surface rights over the area of the land for which he requires renewal of the mining lease. (e) officers as mentioned above shall make a request in writing to the concerning police station/seeking police assistance, if necessary and police officer shall provide such assistance as may toe necessary to prevent unlawful excavation/transportation of tine mineral. (viii) Extent of the area for which quarry lease is required. (i) has undertaken reconnaissance operations or prospecting operations, as the case may be, to establish the existence of mineral in that land, under United Nation Framework Classification (UNFC) minimum category 334 in permit, or minimum category 332 in license; (ii) has not committed any breach of the terms and conditions of the then prevailing Mineral Concession Rules, 1960 or other applicable rules; (iii) has not become ineligible under the provisions of the Act, as major mineral before or on the date 12-1-2015; (iv) a Permit Holder or Licensee, as the case may be,-. flooring, roof top etc. Government Gazette dated 18.5.2017, Extraordinary. ME Mining Machinery. Note 2 - The application should relate to one compact area only, except when the application for mining lease is for an area already held under prospecting licence by the applicant. (xix) Any other particulars or sketch map which the Applicant wishes to furnish. 4th National Conclave on Mines & Minerals, State Co-ordination cum Empowered Committee, National Natural Resource Management System. the year(in Rs. Maintenance of Register of Trade Quarry. Persons from rural areas need not purchase sand anymore. (viii) The transferor has paid all the rent, royalties and other dues towards Government till the date, in respect of this lease. (i) the transferor and the transferee declare that they have ensured that the mineral rights over the area for which the quarry lease is being transferred vest in the State Government. (b) In case the bidder fails to deposit the security deposit immediately after the bid is knocked down in his/her favour, the earnest money deposited by him/her shall be forfeited and the quarry shall be re-auctioned and the loss if any, incurred on re-auction shall be recovered from him/her as an arrear of land revenue. Assessment and determination of royalty. Register of Applications for Prospecting Licences. (ii) No appeal lies to any authority on any award made by the Competent Authority under these rules. (xiv) Whether the application is for a fresh lease or for a renewal of a lease previously granted. Rates of Dead Rent in Rupees Per Hectare Per Annum. (a) the plan of the area showing the nature and extent of the mineral body spot or spots where the excavation is to be done in the first year and its extent a detailed cross-section and detailed plan of spots) of excavation based on prospecting data gathered by the applicant, a tentative scheme of mining for the first five years of the lease; (b) the details of geology and lithology of the area, the extent of manual mining and through machines; (c) annual programme and plan for excavation for five years; and. 11. 1, 2 and 3 of Schedule I shall be granted only after prospecting and application for grant or renewal of quarry lease shall be made only after depositing Rs. Power of Attorney should be attached. meter). Relaxation of rules in special cases. (To be submitted by 10th of ensuing month). The lessee shall pay royalty in respect of quantities of mineral intended to be consumed or transported from the leased area, no sooner the amount of dead rent already paid equals the royalty on mineral consumed or transported by him. - The maximum period of quarry lease shall be 30 years. 100 metres from any bridge, national/state highway, railway line, public place or 10 metres from grameen kanchcha rasta. col. 3 (in Rs. 19-29-2004-12-1, dated 13-1-2005, published in M.P. [(i) No lessee shall ordinarily hold in aggregate more than the area of Limestone (Minor Mineral), [and Rs. ], [Collector/Additional Collector (Senior I.A.S. Restrictions and Conditions as to The Exercise of the Liberties, Powers and Privileges in Part II. (xvii) "Co-operative Society" has the same meaning assigned to it under the Madhya Pradesh Co-operative Societies Act, 1960 (No. Madhya Pradesh Facilitation Centre for NRI’s: Government of … The Government of Madhya pradesh … the stone quarries … In cases where the rates of commercial Tax, Royalty, Expectation … Click & … (xviii) Manner in which the mineral raised is to be utilised. The Directorate of Geology and Mining, Madhya Pradesh, and the Madhya Pradesh State Mining Corporation as a public sector enterprise are working under the Mineral Resources Department. month, Quantity of the mineral despatched during the No complaints will be entertained after finalisation of the bid. If so, the consent of the owner and occupier of the land obtained in writing be filed. (f) Nature of the land chosen for dumping over burden/waste and tailings (that is type of land whether agricultural, grazing land, barren, saline land etc.) Collector(Senior I.A.S. ], [Collector/ Additional Collector (Senior I.A.S. (ii) Is the applicant a private individual/private company/public company/firm or association? Precautions against damage to public places, air pollution and noise pollution etc. (c) In case neither cadestral nor forest maps are available, the area should be marked on sketch plan drawn to scale showing on this plan important surface and natural features, the dimensions of the lines forming the boundary of the area and the bearing and distance of comer points from any important, prominent and fixed point or points. Mining royalty Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, ... Man finds diamond worth Rs 30 lakh in Madhya Pradesh's Panna mine. of trees planted during the period, Model Form of Application for Appeal/Review/Revision, [A map or plan of the area (s) to be attached], Period of ], Mineral Concession fees, rent and royalties, Receipts from minor minerals including fines and forfeitures'. ], (A) Cooperative Society/Association/Companies. Headquarters of Directorate of geology and Mining is situated at Bhopal. There have been violent attacks on government officials, reporters and villagers in recent years. [(3) The fee under sub-rule (2) shall be deposited in the same maimer as prescribed in sub-rule (3) of Rule 10. Quarry Lease and Prospecting Licence for the mineral specified in Schedule V. 8. crusher). ], Application for Grant/renewal of Quarry Lease. (viii) Reasons in detail for asking for renewal of prospecting licence along with a report on the prospecting already done. (vi) an affidavit, that up-to-date Income Tax returns, as prescribed under the Income Tax Act, 1961 have been filed and the tax due including the tax on account of self-assessment has been paid. In case No solvency certificate is produced, he/she shall be entitled to bid up to four times the amount deposited by him/her as earnest money. The revenue upto one crore rupees shall be allotted to concerning Janpad Panchayat in a financial year. (ix) Period for which renewal of prospecting licence is desired. (ii) Khasra number and area of each field or part thereof, (iii) Full description of the area applied for with regard to natural feature-, Signature and Designation of authorisedofficer with seal of Office, Receipt of Application for Quarry Lease or Renewal. (ii) An educated unemployed youth belonging to below Poverty Line families listed in the District Rural Development Agency; (iii) Any other person belonging to below Poverty Line families listed in the district Rural Development Agency: (i) Form-XXII Application form for prospecting licence, (ii) Form-XXIII Receipt of application for prospecting licence, (iii) Form-XXIV Application for renewal of prospecting licence, (iv) Form-XXV Register for application for prospecting licence, (v) Form-XXVI Register of prospecting licence, (vi) Form-XXVII Model form of prospecting licence, (vii) Form-XXVIII Application form for quarry lease, (viii) Form-XXIX Application form for renewal of quarry lease, (ix) Form-XXX Model form for transfer of prospecting licence.]. (6) The successful bidder will have to execute the agreement in Form XVIII within thirty days from the date of receipt of intimation accepting his bid and to take possession of the quarry, failing which the earnest money and the security deposit deposited by him/her shall be forfeited by the [Collector/Additional Collector (Senior I.A.S. Stone for building purpose & other Minor minerals. (b) For the Second time violation 35 time of royalty of unlawfully excavated/transported minerals or rupees 20,000/- (Twenty thousand) whichever is more. If so, the consent of the owner and occupier of the land obtained in writing be filed. This website belongs to Mineral Resources Department, Government of Madhya Pradesh, India. year (in Rs. After this date, such all applications shall deem to be ineligible. (ii) The entire revenue deposited under sub-rule (1) shall be made available for local development by the Panchayat and Social Justice Department after obtaining budget from the Finance Department. Signature and designationof Receiving Officer. Order on appeal, revision or review application. The District Distribution Committee shall distribute the entire revenue of minor minerals received from the Government for the financial year between the concerning Gram Panchayats and the Janpad Panchayats. Rajpatra (Asadharan), dated 24-11-2001 at pages 1272-1272 (1), Notification No. (c) restore, to the extent possible other flora destroyed by quarrying operations. The first instalment shall be deposited before execution of the agreement. Penalty for un-authorised extraction and transportation. (xx) Name, qualification and experience of the Technical personnel available for supervising the mines. Note - All figures be given in cubic metres and rupees, (3) Average number of persons employed per day. 50. Marble which is used for cutting & polishing purposes 19-53-87-12-2, dated 21-1-1998, published in M.P. [53. purpose making blocks, slabs, tiles of specific dimensions. 23. (iv) Profession or nature of business of applicant. The royalty rates for major minerals, including iron ore, are due for a revision this year and a 17-member study group is likely to submit its report at the beginning of next fiscal. 5000/- per annum, the full amount shall be deposited in one instalment before execution of the agreement. Rs. Minerals specified in serial number 4 of Schedule I. ordinary clay for making bricks and tiles in chimney kilns. (copy of geological map of the area is to be attached.). (v) No. (iv) Name of the applicant with full address. Exploitation of some minerals is also being carried out by  Madhya Pradesh Mining Corporation, which is constituted under the Mineral Resources Department. (xiii) Particulars of the area mineral-wise in each State only supported by an affidavit for which the applicant or any person jointly in interest with him :-. (x) Brief description of the area with particular reference to the following: (a) Docs the applicant have surface rights over the area for which he is making an application for grant of a mining lease; (b) If not, has he obtained the consent of the owner, and the occupier of the land for undertaking mining operation. ; (g) The minerals or mineral which the applicant intends to quarry or mine; (h) The period for which the quarry lease is required; (i) The purpose for which the extracted mineral is to be used; (j) Every application for the grant or renewal of a quarry lease shall be accompanied by an affidavit showing particulars of the areas mineral-wise in each district of the State, which the applicant or persons jointly with him, (ii) has already applied for, but not granted; and. (8) The successful bidder shall furnish security in Form XVII for the balance amount of the accepted bid. (xvi) Broad parameters of the mineral/ore body/bodies : (a) Strike length, average width and dip. (iv) If the contract money exceeds Rs. (a) Proposed date of commencement of tire mining operations. 31.12.2012; Amendment In Rates Of Fees,Change Of Head Etc For Minor Minerals,29-1-2013; Distribution of Royalty Received By Minor Mineral to Panchayat and Nagriya Nikaye for The Year 2013-14 & 2014-15 receipt from minor minerals including fines and forfeitures, (a) no notification has been issued under that rule; or. Received.................................. at...................................(Place), on...................................(Date). (5) The State Government/ [Collector/Additional Collector (Senior I.A.S. (ii) Whether it will be supplied in raw form or after processing (crushing/grinding/beneficiation/ calcining). If so, give full details. ], [(1) The quarries of minerals specified in serial number 1, 3 and 4 of Schedule II shall be allotted only by auction. 19-14-2002-12-1, dated 21-3-2003, published in M.P. The first instalment shall be deposited before execution of the agreement. After the expiry of this period , disposal of these quarry lease shall be made by auction, by the procedure as prescribed by the State Government. Scale)], may cancel the contract and take back possession or the quarry or may forfeit the security amount or part thereof. (xxii) (a) Nature of waste water (e.g. (a) to call for person concern to record statements; (b) to seize record and other material related to the case; (c) to enter into place concern and to inspect the same; (d) all powers as are vested in an in-charge of a police station while investigation any cognizable offence under Code of Criminal Procedure; and. Tanks, Water Courses, village paths, religious places. ... Centre to set up panel to examine issues on royalty rates for major minerals 13 Jan, 2020, 11.44 AM IST. except Received at............ (place) on of. The rates for completed items also include following :-a. Contractor’s profit & overheads 10% b. The contract money and other amounts (excluding the earnest money and security deposit) relating to trade quarry shall be deposited by the contractor under the receipt head prescribed in the sub-rule (3) of Rule 10. a. already holds under prospecting licence; b. has already applied for but not granted; or. ), [Signature of      Mining Officer/     Assistant Mining Officer.]. Receipt of Application for Prospecting Licence/Quarry Lease or Renewals. Rajpatra (Asadharan), dated 5-8-2005 at page 778 (1-3), Notification No. (b) Date when explosives were first used. ), Balance amount due for recovery at the end of the Published vide Notification No. (ii) Carry out quarrying operations in such a manner so as to cause least damage to the flora of the area held under quarry lease and the nearby area; (iii) Every holder of a quarry lease [..............] shall-. F-19-10-99-12-2, dated 30-5-2001, published in M.P. Royalty Rates of Major and Minor Mineral: Select Mineral Type: Major: Minor (vi) "Appellate Authority" means the Government or any other authority vested with such powers under these rules; (vii) "Below Poverty Line" means the family of below poverty line as declared by the State Government from time to time; (viii) "Competent Authority" means a competent authority appointed by the State Government to carry out the provisions of these rules; (ix) (a) "Collector" and "Additional Collector" of Senior IAS Scale have the same meaning respectively assigned to them in the Madhya Pradesh Land Revenue Code, 1959 (No. I/We do hereby declare that the particulars furnished above are correct and am/are ready to furnish any other details including accurate plans as may be required by you. (c) No sooner the permitted quantity is transported within the time period of [Construction work] or earlier, duplicates of all transit pass, such unused transit passes together with a complete statement of the quantities duly certified by the Officer of the concerned department shall be furnished to the Sanctioning Authority. ], [ Collector/Additional Collector (Senior IAS Scale):], [Provided that where the bid in an auction is less than the upset price filed by the Government, the Collector/Additional Collector, shall submit a proposal to the Government. The bidder shall be required to deposit more earnest money, in case he/she desires to bid more than four times the amount deposited by him/her. Any other minor mineral not specified above. No.6 (in Rs. (viii) Period for which the prospecting licence is required. (b) Janpad Panchayat shall be a unit at the district level for distribution of revenue. The biggest water source for Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, it is the fifth largest river in India and the largest one in Madhya Pradesh. Burial ground etc. Note. (a) any quantity of such minerals exceeding such limits but not exceeding twice such limits, which is won during prospecting operations on payment of royalty for the time being specified in the Second Schedule to the Act in respect of those minerals; (a) a quarterly report of the work done by him stating the number of persons engaged and disclosing in full the geological, geophysical or other valuable date collected by him during the period. Bhopal: A poor farmer in Madhya Pradesh’s Panna district has harvested a sparkling fortune when he mined a high quality diamond weighing 10.69 carat in his land taken on lease from the government.

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